Photo Submission Tips


Can I scan my non-digital photos?

Yes! In fact, this is our preferred mode of delivery.

If I do scan my own photos, what format should I use?

We request that you save all images with either a JPEG or PNG compressed file extension. When saving an image on your computer, select either option in the file format field. 

What if my photos aren’t in the best condition?

Don’t worry! We have Photo Enhancement and Restoration Services available for an additional charge to repair old and damaged photos.

What if my photos are in albums?

Here are a few suggestions for how to best extract and deliver these precious keepsakes.

A few other important notes:

  • All handwritten memorabilia received must be in PRINT FORMAT ONLY. Emailed digital files are the preferred format for pictures.

  • We are able to restore and crop pictures for an additional fee depending on the condition of the image.

  • We offer extensive professional photo-restoration services.


  • Do provide a total photo count (and video minute count if adding video clips to your DVD).

  • Do place a Post-It note that includes the numerical and sequential order you want the photo to be placed, on the back of each photo. If there is no order preference, T2G will take creative liberties to ensure the best transition of images.

  • Do provide horizontally oriented photos that are focused and free of fingerprints and smudges whenever possible.


  • Please refrain from sending blurry photos or photos with the subjects oriented near the top or sides of the picture.

  • Please refrain from sending photos where the subject’s head is cut off or the subject is significantly out of the picture.

  • Please refrain from sending severely damaged photos (cracks, ink-marks, moisture damage, etc.), as they will detract from the overall look. Do not write on your photos.

How should I send my materials?

At the time of purchase, you will receive a unique email address with your name followed by our site domain (example

You will then email all scanned images to this address to prevent any mix-ups as images come rolling in or should you find a long lost photo that you may desire to be included.